The mission of MCSTGuru is to help MCSTs in Singapore to operate more efficiently and effectively.

We believe that doing so will improve community life and enhance property values.
We are committed to raise the standards of MCST council operations by supporting the stakeholders.

Make your homes and properties great places to live

MCSTs operate in Singapore within the legal structure of the Strata Titles Act and within the cultural structure of our common heritage in Singapore and our common interest in making our homes and investment properties great places to live. MCSTGuru understands this context and works with the community to help you to achieve your objectives.

Great minds think alike. Find better solutions together.

MCSTGuru provides a platform for MCST council members, condo managers and subsidiary proprietors (owners) to identify concerns and talk about best practices. We recognize that MCSTs can only be successful when the stakeholders work together collaboratively and cooperatively.

We understand that different stakeholders sometimes have different perspectives on an issue. We attempt to explain issues to enhance mutual understanding and help stakeholders to work towards mutually beneficial outcomes. We welcome feedback from the community about how we can achieve these objectives and make MCSTGuru more valuable for you.