Name of Case: Timothy Siah Yang Tek v 28th Management Council to MCST 1420 (STB 82 of 2017)
Issue: Request for audio recording made by MCST Plan No. 1420 at the 28th Annual General Meeting .

Name of Case: Yap Chooi Moi v MCST Plan No. 361 (STB 80 of 2016)
Issue: Validity of By-Law allowing removal of cooling tower

Name of Case: Technocrete Pte Ltd & Ors v MCST Plan No. 3293 (STB 32 of 2016)
Issue: By-laws passed as ordinary resolutions in meeting instead of special resolutions

Name of Case: Yap Sing Lee v MCST Plan No. 1267 & Anor (STB 69 of 2009)
Issue: Inspection of documents, including minutes of sub-committee meetings

Name of case: In-Lite Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd & Ors v MCST Plan No. 1024 & Ors (STB 73 of 2009)
Issue: Validity of elections of council members