Common Property

Name of case: MCST Plan No. 901 v Lian Tat Huat Trading Pte Ltd [2018] SGHC 270
Issue: Plaintiff had acted beyond its statutorily-prescribed powers by passing a by-law imposing on demand liquidated damages in respect of encroachments onto common property. 

Name of case: Sit Kwong Lam vs MCST Plan No 2645 [2018] SGCA 14
Issue: Installation of timber decking on two ledges that bordered segments of the penthouse unit’s external facades

Name of Case: Wu Chiu Lin v Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No 2874 [2018] SGHC 43
Issue: Installation of  covering over the trellises of units in the Development

Name of Case: Ong Bee Lian & Ors v MCST Plan No. 2874 (STB 86 of 2016)
Issue: Installation of covering on trellises that are deemed common property

Name of Case: Soo Kee Investment Pte Ltd v MCST Plan No. 0661 (STB 65 of 2016)
Issue: External renovation works altering common property

Name of Case: MCST Plan No. 1432 v Saw Soon Jin & Ors (STB 84 of 2008)
Issue: Reinstatement of common property to original state