Approval for Alterations

Name of Case: MCST Plan No. 940 v Lim Florence Marjorie  [2018] SGHC 254 

Issue: Defendant’s renovation to the balcony: (i) What are the limits imposed on a subsidiary proprietor’s right to renovate her own strata title lot; (ii) whether her renovations have created a variance in the uniformity of the development’s façade; and, if so (iii) the consequences which ensue if the subsidiary proprietor mistakenly believed that the management corporation had given its sanction for those renovations before embarking on them.

Name of Case: Ahmad Ibrahim & Ors vs MCST Plan No. 4131 (STB 119 of 2017)

Issue: Installation of awnings on Applicants’ private enclosed space

Name of Case: Ong Bee Lian & Ors v MCST Plan No. 2874 (STB 86 of 2016)
Issue: Installation of covering on trellises

Name of Case: Zou Xiong v MCST Plan No. 2360 (STB 79 of 2016)
Issue: Installation of invisible grilles

Name of Case: Soo Kee Investment Pte Ltd v MCST Plan No. 0661 (STB 65 of 2016)
Issue: External works altering common property

Name of Case: MCST Plan No. 2440 v Ee Min Kiat (STB 21 of 2016)
Issue: Replacement of sliding door and window frame

Name of Case: Jocelyn Lew Geok Lian v Cosy Housing Devt Co Pte Ltd & Anor (STB 48 of 2009)
Issue: Whether MCST must be made party to dispute