Date: 1 May 2019, Author: KC Vijayan, Source: ST

Brief: In light of the recent case of Goodluck Garden where the collective sales committee sought an early hearing date, the top courts have highlighted that they will not be pressured to meet timelines that had been mutually agreed on by the committee and the buyers.  Judge of Appeal Tay Yong Kwang wrote that two conditions to note are that even if the requisite documents can be filed very quickly, an early hearing date before the Court of Appeal may not be available. Even so, the court “may not be able to arrive at its decision within a very compressed time span.” In Goodluck Garden’s case, it was fortuitous that an early hearing date was available and that all the objectors were defended by one set of lawyers. Future sales committee that agrees to “unrealistic timelines for court proceedings” will have to bear consequences if the timelines are not met and the deal is unhinged.